About Us

We are and will always be Your retail store for awesome Grizzly jewellery and accessories!

Our Goal is to bring the perfect available Products in our niche to you, our customer!
We want to create an experience with the purchase at GrizzUP. We want to make it as smooth as possible, as easy as possible and as entertaining as possible! We believe that our store will be one of the Top brands in the Bear Jewellery and Accessories Niche in the future. Not size wise. Because of anything else than building a good relationship with ALL of our customers. We will lead you through our store and bring you to the product you desire. We will stand by your side being available for any questions you have! We will show you our latest discounts and offers as well as our very New Arrivals to make sure you have seen as much as possible to get a view of our brand.
The experience does not end with purchasing the product. We will still keep supporting you. We are responsible for you being satisfied with our work and this is what it needs to create that relationship. 
You should be able to look back on your purchase thinking about what a great experience and what a nice customer support that was.
You should feel safe the whole process and feel open to reaching out to us.
You should be satisfied and have no worries about purchasing again when we created another perfect offer for you or just introduced the perfect product fitting your needs. ~ That's how we do it!